Should I hire a content writer? 5 reasons why they're a fantastic investment!

If you struggle to produce good quality content on a consistent basis it might be time to delve into the process of hiring a content writer. Statistically, producing engaging content is 54% of B2B marketers biggest challenges.

Without regular content updates your website could soon become stagnant and drop to the unexplored depths of Google page 20. Frequently updating your blog or website with regular good quality and engaging content can see you continue to climb the Google Rankings.

Why? Because Google loves fresh content!

Adding regular content to your site offer reams of benefits to your SEO; you’ll rank for more search terms, with better rank and ultimately get more organic website traffic. Who wouldn’t want that right?

Crafting great content takes time, knowledge and effort. Something not all businesses have. Hiring a content writer can be great way to drive results without having to either a) find the time and effort yourself or b) hire someone in house to do the work for you - which can be expensive.

What is a content writer? Exactly?

A content writer is a professional writer that specialises in producing content such as blog posts and articles, newsletters, and other types of written work.

Content generates results across the board

99.99% of the time when I speak with an enquiry they all have the same goal; more leads and sales. Great! Who doesn’t want more leads and sales? Content marketing can bring just that and more.

Content creates a beautiful flow of website traffic from search engines, social media and more to bring about brand awareness, lead generation and engagement for your business.

Knowing how to write web friendly content that will positively influence your SEO whilst also engaging your readers is tough. This is exactly why hiring a content writer can be a gold mine. If you’ve tried writing your own content with little to no results, perhaps it’s time to look for a content genius?

Making content SEO friendly

So we’ve talked about the fact that content should be SEO friendly but how is that done? A content writer will research their article/blog topic and examine the competition before starting their own SEO poetry. It’s important to consider the length of article needed; did you know the average blog post ranking in position one has over 2450 words! As well as other factors such as readability, internal and external linking and SEO features like your URL slug or page title.

Maintain a consistent content calendar

Decide how often you need to be producing content to reach your goals (we’d recommend speaking with a professional about this) and stick to it! Publishing content consistently can generate 3.5x more traffic to your businesses blog than publishing 0 to 4 pieces per month.

A content writer will work with you to create a content calendar which will detail the topics you plan on covering and the deadlines you are working to.

Content writers see your business from an outside perspective

Sometimes writing for your own business in a language your audience will both understand and feel engaged with can be touch. You know the jargon but outsiders might not. It’s often hard to write in layman’s terms as you’re so close to your product or service. A good copywriter will have the experience needed to resinate with your audience without all of the jargon.

Social Media Content.png

Blog content = Social content

Producing blog content automatically gives you social media content. You can (and should) recycle your best content to get the most “bang for your buck”.

LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter statistically offer the best place for you to share your content but of course the amount of traffic you receive from each platform will vary depending on your audience and your own following on each of these.

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