5 simple SEO strategies you can work on today!

If you run an online website, blog or combination of the two, then you already know that SEO is the true key to success; you also likely know that the key to increasing your website visitors and blog followers knows how to use the best SEO strategies for your website. If you want to know some highly rated strategies, take a look at the following 5 simple SEO strategies that you can work on today.

#1: Use keywords on every post

Even simple, basic keyword understanding can help you completely overhaul your SEO system and your general take on SEO--and how it can and should be used--as a whole. You should be able to stay on top of which keywords brings the most people to your website, which keywords people who visit your site search most open, as which keywords need to be tossed aside.

#2: Focus on excellent quality content

It can be tempting to put up tons of low quality content in the hopes of drawing readers to your website, blog or other social media account. However, this will usually have the opposite affect: if people visit your site and see that your content is poorly written or otherwise stuffed full of keywords, those same people are unlikely to make a return visit to your blog. The higher the quality, the better the results.

#3: Create genuine networking connections for more SEO friendly links

Sure, you can add yourself to various online networks or submit your website link to publications in the hopes that they’ll make it someday—or you can go ahead and create your own networking connections that will better serve your website and business interests. These genuine networking connections are essential for the creation of related and affiliated links; once you have been given the links, you can add them to your website and wait for the results. 

#4: Avoid keyword-stuffing

This is technically more of an “anti –strategy” since it is explicitly giving advice on what not to do! In this case, website owners should never stuff their content full of keywords in an attempt to get more visitors to their site, whether they are hoping to snag someone with money to spare or snag someone who might turn around and bookmark the website for future reading. When content is stuffed with keywords, it tends to sound unnatural and will turn off website visitors looking for genuine content right away. 

#5: Add share buttons to every post you make

One of the best ways to help spread your content around different platforms is to make them easily sharable in the first place. Adding share buttons to popular sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr will allow people to share your content across a different platform, ensuring that the song (and the word) will spread far beyond Quahog.   

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of different SEO strategies out there; if you are looking for the best strategies that will help your website get a higher ranking and keep people coming back for more, and then make sure you take the above contents into consideration.