5 ways to use Social Media to grow your small business!

Do you have an ambitious and unique idea for a business? But you just don’t know how to get yourself out there?

Look no further! Because a fantastic method has been sitting right in front of you this whole time, in the form of social media. These platforms are actually goldmines when it comes to low-cost advertising, and with the proper approach, you can expect to be generating traffic in no time.

Today, we will be going over our top five tips on how to start expanding your enterprise using social media!

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Approximately 2.8 billion people currently use social media; this equates to about 37% of the population on Earth, which means the first thing you should do is to create brand recognition.

Connect with your buyers. Learn how they think. Gain some insight.

You can do this by staying active on your platform(s). Instead of creating multiple accounts on every single app, you should really focus on finding the ones that appeal to your target audience - this minimizes time wasted, while also avoiding the possibility that potential clients think you are a ‘desperate scammer’.


To really introduce your concept to clients, you should strive to write an attractive call to action (CTA), and line your aims to connect with them on a personal level - after all, they are your potential consumers; we recommend minimizing the use of jargon (specialised vocabulary), since people don’t really want to stare at a ‘word soup’.

Running an effective ad campaign is another option. Investing money to ‘boosting’ yourself with affiliates on a certain platform drives traffic, and ultimately lead to more conversions.



There are multiple ways to do this, though one of the most viable methods would be through ‘ephemeral content’; this is when you essentially strike a deal with the social platforms themselves, and endorse your content for a short period of time, leading to higher rankings in searches.

The worst thing you could possibly do is post too frequently (yes, this can actually be an issue!); this will spam your followers with content that could be considered unnecessary. If you really want to post constant updates, do so on your stories or create a blog, so this information doesn’t clog up your timeline.


You should be creating a consistent posting schedule, make sure to consider your target demographic and when they are most active (timezones are a big factor).

Also, include photos/visual elements to really stand out; this actually contributes to SEO, and makes your posts inviting in general. According to a study, Facebook posts with photos receive a whopping 53% more likes!


Social Marketing is arguably the most important aspect of promoting your business, and it should be your priority to get in contact with corporations, celebrities, or other influencers, that can promote your content to their wide following.

Every engagement can lead to more web traffic and opportunities. Please note that just because someone has a million followers, doesn’t mean they have the same engagement rate as someone who has a thousand followers. View to click ratio is everything.