What to look for when recruiting accountants for your business?

Recruiting in house or outsourcing accountants for your business is an essential task, in some cases, businesses do not see it as a priority because there are other areas of the company that require more of their attention.

Having healthy finances in your business and meeting tax obligations is as important as generating more leads and sales, so it is essential to take the time to hire the ideal accountant for your business.

Whether you hire an accountant yourself or choose to outsource your hiring to recruitment agencies, we recommend you review the following points to ensure you’re making the best choice:

Review academic and professional history

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It is essential to verify that your employee has a professional qualification that accredits them as an accountant and at the same time review their professional experience. Take a look at which areas they have specialised in and verify some references to their previous work or clients.

It is also vital that you investigate if the accountant has experience in companies in the sector to which you belong.

Having good communication

Something that is very common to happen in companies that hire accountants independently is that it is difficult to have a reasonable discussion, sometimes it is impossible to contact you at the time you need. So, first of all, it is essential to establish specific rules to ensure you have no communication problems, establish schedules and means of contact to be followed up promptly.

Establish rates and fees
It is important to indicate how you will charge your fees if you have already established standards to know how much you will spend on their services.

Signing a contract

Once you have chosen an accountant, you need to sign a contract for the provision of services.

Generally what you must offer, as a minimum, is to keep the accounting record of your business and the calculation of your tax obligations.

Why hire an accountant?

Keep your taxes up to date


Accountants know all the government regulations that govern your business when it comes to filing taxes and will help you get the most out of your tax deductions.

When your business grows, and regulations change, they can do a proper follow-up, ensuring your business is up to date and tax-free. Also, they are trained to give you access to the tax benefits to which you are entitled.

Make payments on time

Not having debts is fundamental for your business to grow. Paying your employees, contractors or salespeople on time is not an easy task. Paying the bills seems like a superficially simple task, but the more your business grows, the more complicated they become.

To avoid debts and legal sanctions, hire an accountant who is responsible for making a correct classification of the inputs and outputs of the funds of your venture.  

Take into account all these tips so you can choose the best accountant. Remember that with their help your business will be healthy and prosperous.