The Importance of Colour in Marketing

Do you feel peaceful and secure when you see the colour blue? Or maybe enthusiastic and optimistic when you see the colour yellow? Did you know that colour tends to have a powerful psychological effect on people’s emotions and decisions? That’s why it is so important that you choose carefully when thinking of the visual aspects of your marketing campaigns and your company’s branding. Poor colour choices can ruin a great idea or even cause your CTA to be less effective.

It is known that the various colours can make you feel certain emotions and big companies are fully aware of this and use this psychological element to manipulate you especially in terms of e-commerce. There is a lot of research showing what emotions and effects different colours can have; for example, red light is proven to increase the heartbeat and cause a sense of urgency and danger and blue is said to make people feel calm.

When selecting colours for your marketing, you need to think about the emotions you want your audience to feel. Do you want them to feel hunger or a sense of trust? Do you want them to think your brand is earthy and healthy? These are all factors that need to be considered when choosing your colours.

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Companies such as Mcdonalds and Subway, use their colours very well and they use their specific colours to make you feel a specific way. The colour red and yellow combined encourages hunger and and thirst which is why you will see the majority of fast food companies using these colours. Red and yellow are the most appealing colours to children, one of the main target audiences of McDonalds. The red is used to increase appetite and to create a sense of urgency, as they are a fast food restaurant and want people to order and leave quickly. Yellow is used to create a feel of optimism and positivity around the brand. This is then backed up by their slogan “I’m lovin’ it”. Another good example is Starbucks. Their logo consists of a white mermaid inside a green circle. There aren’t many global companies that use green as their primary colour. With Starbucks, this helps build a sense of relaxation around the brand that helps with inviting people in to have a coffee and de-stress. Subway on the other hand, uses green and yellow to signify a healthy emotion to their food.

When creating your brand or designing your website, ensure you are fully aware of how the colours affect your audience's emotion!

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