5 Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Content marketing is the leading force behind generating new leads and sales for B2B marketers  around the world. Content marketing is beneficial because it costs more than 60% less than standard marketing tactics and can actually generate more than three times the amount of leads. Although content marketing is highly effective and important for the overall marketing success of a business, there are many mistakes you can make which must be avoided if you want your content marketing to work properly. The following are 5 content marketing mistakes you will want to avoid.

Mistake #1: Not understanding your audience


This is one of the most common content marketing mistakes that businesses make. It's important that you understand who you are marketing to before you begin creating content marketing. Understanding your audience includes taking the time to research what your target audience wants and what type of content is most appealing to them.

Mistake #2: Using the wrong type of content marketing

Content marketing is an incredibly varied concept and it's important that you use the right type of content marketing for your audience and what you are offering. For instance, creating solely keyword-based content for your business blog when you are trying to attract consistent human readership is a mistake because human readership prefers a focus on reader-based content over keyword-based content.

Mistake #3: Not SEO Optimising

SEO is important for content marketing because it helps drive additional traffic to your website and increases the exposure for your content, marketing and business as a whole. SEO includes optimising for the right keywords, having an appropriate keyword density ratios, and ensuring that your content is not "stuffed" with keywords to the point of being knocked off search rankings.

Mistake #4: Little to no promotion of your content marketing

Content marketing does not happen in a vacuum. It is still content and therefore it needs to be promoted so that the people you are targeting will find it and hopefully share it, increasing the exposure even further. Your content can be promoted on social media sites, such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook; these are the three top social media sites, with millions of users and millions of posts being made on a daily basis. 

Mistake #5: Assuming results happen overnight

Content marketing is not a quick-fix marketing solution and you will not see results overnight or even relatively quickly. Effective content marketing takes time to be successful; most businesses will need to have 15 to 17 months of consistent content creation before they see results. During this 15 to 17 months, your business will be able to work on increasing social media follower counts, determining which type of content is most successful with readers, and curating a better user experience.

Content marketing can be one of the best types of marketing for your business; as long as your avoid the above mistakes, you’ll find that content marketing can increase your exposure, number of customers/clients, as well as your overall sales.