Google Forwarding Numbers Explained!

Let’s roll right back to basics and take a look at Google Forwarding Numbers, how they work, when we use them and what exactly they are.

When do we use Google Forwarding Numbers?

Google Forwarding Numbers allow us to track conversions from a Google Ads account. They allow us to track Calls From Ads and Calls From Website conversion actions.

Calls From Ads - calls from the phone number ad extension on your advert

Calls From Website - calls made to the phone number on your website after someone has clicked an ad.

What are Google Forwarding Numbers?

A Google forwarding number is a temporary phone number assigned to a Google Ads call extension (and/or temporarily replaces the number on your website) that simply forwards calls to your own phone number for the purpose of tracking call conversions. In addition to allowing calls to be tracked as conversions, the number also allows for information such as call duration and caller area code to be provided from within the Google Ads platform.

How does it work?

Google forwarding numbers are a required part of running call extensions if you’re looking to track these calls in Ads as conversions.

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There are additional ways that you can track calls through tools such as Google Analytics or integrations with Google Analytics, however, you lose the ability to differentiate between calls made from call extensions and calls made from your website.

When using a Google forwarding number as a call extension or for website call conversion tracking, each time your number appears, Google will assign you a different Google forwarding number. This allows you to track which specific keyword, ad and search term was used when the consumer clicked your ad. This data is crucial for the optimisation of your ad campaign. If you don’t know what search terms, ads and keywords are generating your enquiries, how can you optimise your ROI?

Do you need to be using Google Forwarding Numbers?

Any business using Google Ads should be using this feature. Without it, it’s incredibly difficult to properly optimise your ads, keywords, extensions and more.