4 Google My Business profile tweaks to maximise visibility

Today, we will share four tweaks to help turn digital traffic into foot traffic through Google My Business. We've ordered them from the easiest to the hardest, but the more difficult ones, as you'll see, aren't really very daunting — the more reason to try them out!

1. Make use of the Q&A function

Make use of the questions and answers function from within the app. You can post and answer FAQ’s yourself or you can wait for potential customers to ask them through the page. Be sure to respond to each one as timely as possible.

Google My Business (GMB)'s easiest way to notify owners and managers of new questions is through the Google Maps App, as notifications are not yet part of the main GMB dashboard.

The faster the reply to incoming inquiries, the better your chances of winning foot traffic.

2. Post about your proximity to nearby attractions

Is your business near a major attraction such as a zoo or a museum? A well positions Google post can guide people right to your door. This could become an especially strong draw for foot traffic if Google expands its experiment of showing Posts’ snippets not just in the Business Profile and Local Finder, but within local packs:


3. Make your opening hours clear

2 points to this; make your opening hours clear AND do some market research to find out when your opening hours should be.

There are hundreds of businesses that serve working people but are only open 9–5. How can your client’s foot traffic achieve optimum levels if their doors are only open when everybody is at work? Do some market research and consider adjusting your hours to the most suitable times. For example if you run a coffee shop you might be best to open 7:30am until 4pm to cover the pre-work rush and lunch time before closing. Calculate when your busiest times (and days) are and adjust your hours accordingly.

4. Create regular posts

Just as you do on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, be sure to post regularly on your Google My Business page too. This helps to increase your visibility and will give you a better chance of ranking well within the listings.

Finally, our last piece of advice is to go through and check all of your settings, categories and business information is up to date and correct! Combine all of the above and you should start to see a good increase in footfall from your Google My Business listing in just a few weeks.