3 simple ways you can grow your business for free!

For all businesses that have a physical presence (and those that don't, too) local SEO will help them to stand out in the results pages and improve web positioning. In addition to having a good presence on social networks such as Google+, Facebook and Twitter, many of these strategies can be done free:

Google My Business

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The reviews, which are made through a star-based rating system where one is "bad" and five is "excellent," are a handy reference for your prospects who will look for recommendations from other users, so aiming for excellence should be your goal.

Among the platform's functions, in addition to this rating system, are that customers can interact with with yourself by sending their queries and you providing them with the information they require.

If you add to that the virtual tours they can do in your business, trust building turns out to be the primary virtue of Google My Business since you can initiate a relationship with your potential customers even before they set foot in your store or enquire with your company.

Also, the platform offers data that allows you to track what customers think of your business and statistics that help you to improve both your business and your digital strategy.

The main advantages of Google My Business are that you manage the content that appears, from information about your business to the photos you include and the ability to interact with your prospects and customers.

Local search

With the techniques of local SEO the main goal is to position/rank highly in search engines on a local level. Search engines display the most relevant information to users, depending on their current position or location. Generally by geolocation in mobile phones and IP's for computers.

If we look for "bike shops" we will see the shops closest to our position.

Local SEO is especially important for all businesses that have a physical presence (stores, stores, academies, law firms, etc), and want to achieve a higher ranking when users search within their location.

Keep in mind that about 50% of searches are local. And this proportion is increasing. We look for restaurants, bike shops, department stores, etc. that are close to where we are. And it's more accentuated on mobile devices, which we use to find information around our roaming location.

Social networks

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After having a clear strategy and monitoring how it's going, a good idea is to think about how to get people to share their experience in or with your business. A restaurant can place a hashtag on it's Twitter or Instagram profile and on the menu and invite customers to use this hashtag when sharing their experience on social media. This way, customers will become "ambassadors" of your brand, when they share information or photos of how their experience went.

A good social networking strategy allows users to reach your business, but you should not think about marketing alone. Include promotions and gifts in your approach, not a mug with your logo, but something that speaks more about you. You can even give away products that you usually sell in your store or part of a service.

Facts about social networks that will convince you of their importance in your online marketing campaign:

- Facebook estimates that only 16% of a company's followers will see what they post in its News, so the need is there to opt for paid social ads.

- Publishing videos or video marketing is a new trend; they attract three times more inbound links than text-only publications.

- Social media is an essential way to drive traffic to your website especially for small and medium-sized e-commerce sites.

- 40% of people respond better to visual information than simple text.

- 42% of adults who are online use more than one online platform.

Accompanying publications on social networks with an excellent blog can be a unique strategy to improve the position of your company.

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