Growing your Lincolnshire based business!

Starting a business can be tough, and it takes a lot of planning. Especially in the early stages as you begin to seek out a online presence so you can grow by more than just word of mouth. This is the 21st century and business and public relations is done online. You need a website and an email address to connect where people are, and where people are is the internet. Once you get your internet presence right, you can get your real life presence right. 

Start by getting social on social media

When people hear about your business the first place they are going to look is on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to see if you have a presence there. They want to see pictures and what you find is important about your business. They’ll see reviews attached to real names and faces and that association is more powerful than the anonymity on some of the major review sites. Start making content associated with your business and begin to develop your own hashtags alongside of the ones that are already a major part of your industry. 

Start blogging on your site and elsewhere

For your website to move up the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) rankings you are going to need backlinks to establish credibility. You should start by blogging and adding new content to your own page first, and then beyond that, start writing for other websites and providing links back to your own homepage or content you have created there. Get your name out, create the content on your own site and elsewhere, and begin to see your website improve.

Get comfortable networking

Find out about great networking events and opportunities from the newspaper or through online advertising and get comfortable talking to strangers. You provide a valuable service and you have become such an expert in this field that you were able to start your own business. Speak to these strangers as a confident business owner and entrepreneur. Be sure to bring business cards to this event. People still use them and they are still a very common feature of professional life. Include your business number, your email address, and your website. Establish a connection with this person. If they give you their card back as reciprocation, reach out to them first and take the initiative to continue the conversation. You have to step outside your comfort zone and understand you may be a little uncomfortable but it may be the difference between success and failure.

Attend all the local award shows and events

Set up alerts to nominate your work for small business awards within the region. This will get your work in front of judges who work within your business environment. Even if you do not get nominated there are now several movers and shakers in your field aware of your work. If you do get nominated it is a ton of free press, and winning will create even more press and generate more success for your business.