How can hiring grow a small business?


All companies seek to integrate into their workforce competent professionals who are committed to the company and are very productive. The recruitment of an employee to a vacant position is always a two-way bet. It is both the parties concerned and both parties who are committed to collective success.

The benefits of External Hiring

  • Knowledge of competition and market behavior

We always think that our methodology is the best on the market, that we have the magic formula, and in no case do we consider working in any other way. An external profile provides us with the vision of other companies or ideas of doing things, with a more critical "picture" of our current situation.

  • Fresh ideas that will bring new methodologies

Apart from the fact that we will avoid the internal envy that is often provoked among colleagues, new ideas will help to increase the points of view on the projects in which we are working and will help to propose other solutions.

  • A more specific profile for the vacancy

Due to the department's background, we know well the needs to be covered with pattern file and what experience you should have. The search for an external profile allows us to fill this vacancy with the technical and personal characteristics that best fit.

The benefits of internal promotion

  • A motivation for current employees

The best talent is always ready for any opportunity that may be offered. Moreover, if you are in a project where the company looks after its employees and believes in them - because they will have shown their knowledge and skills in the past - you will always have the feeling of progressing in your professional life.

  • Better integration into the new job role

The process of adapting to the new workspace and new colleagues is reduced or even eliminated. Taking internal promotion measures can save us a lot of time and money, allowing us to optimise our integration and training processes.

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To choose the best candidate for the position, it is essential to carry out a proper search and selection process which should take into account the following steps

1. Define the work centre profile

First, you need to look carefully at what kind of job you need to fill and what resources you have. If it is necessary to hire a new employee, you must define what profile is required, what tasks you must perform and what salary range the company can afford and which will be fair for this position.

2. Publish the job offer

Once the position has been defined correctly, the job offer must be published. This part of the process can be done by posting the proposal on the Internet or through the various intermediary companies. In the offer, it will be essential to describe precisely the profile of the candidate for the position to be filled and what are the personal, academic, professional experience, languages, availability, skills and attitudes that must be met.

3. Telephone call

If there are many candidates for the position, it will be interesting to make the first filter through a phone call that allows a first contact with the candidate and ask him/her some interesting questions related to the position.

4. Personal interview

Conducting a personal interview will be one of the last stages of the selection process. In face-to-face meetings, the atmosphere is usually more relaxed than by phone so that the candidate can express him/herself better. Also, the interviewer has the option to communicate better and convey the company's values and job requirements.