How to make your social media channels work for your business!

So today I want to address something that has become more and more prevalent to me over the last few weeks; how small businesses (and some larger corporations too) run their social media platforms. For all you 20 somethings out there you may well remember the old Tracy Beaker saying “me me me, I I I, self self self” and thats exactly what comes to mind when I scroll through some social feeds.

Variety is key to social media domination. Never forget it.

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The fundamental mistake so many businesses seem to be making is only (or primarily) posting self promotion on their social media platforms. I read recently that 42% of consumers will unfollow a brand if their social platform is full of self promotion. Im sure no one wants to lose 42% of their customers!

So what should your social media actually look like? The way I always look at what I post is with the thought of “would I (as a consumer) actually want to sit and scroll through this feed for the next 10 minutes?” If the answer is no then why? The last thing anyone wants to scroll through is a page full of self promotion but even if your feed isn’t like this is its content engaging? There are a lot of things you can post on your social channels to keep them interesting and posting regularly (I recommend 1 to 2 times per day) is ideal. I will write a more in-depth article about the sorts of things you can post soon but for now here are a few ideas for things you can post each day:




Recommend a tool



Fill in the blank (eg. if I have £1 million I would…)

Share thoughts on a book




Behind the scenes photos

Tag another Facebook page

Company news post



Did you know

A “caption this” photo



Past Blog



Basic Q&A


Weekend meme


Link to guest post

Review post

Recommend someone else to follow on social media


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