How to prepare your startup launch!

Do you want to create your startup?

There are several aspects that you should consider before launching your venture, from the initial idea (product or service you will offer) and the investment you will need to implement everything, to what your marketing strategies will be to attract customers.

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  • Without equipment, there is no startup

The quality of your project is directly related to the people who make it up. If you don't surround yourself with people who compliment you, you won't get very far. A start-up requires a strong team. You can't do it all by yourself.

A good team is one in which the abilities, skills, and aptitudes of each of its members are combined in such a way that the weaknesses are compensated for by the other. One way to do this is to specify, as much as possible, the profiles of the people you will hire to be part of your team.

  • Investor presentation and business plan

Even if you don't plan to see investors immediately, it is a good idea to prepare an action plan because it helps you to structure thoughts and ideas. Although you will probably readjust your model later on, it's a good idea to initially write it down because you discover fringes and problems that you haven't identified before.

  • Create a prototype based on your idea

The images are worth more than a thousand words. The same applies to your prototype, which can be a website or a basic version of your product.

When you want to present what you are doing and where you want to go, you will have many facilities to explain your project. I do not believe that it is possible today to find funding without meeting this minimum requirement.

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  • Market research or test clients

In times of crisis, an investor seeks security and tries to avoid all kinds of risks. If you can demonstrate with a market study or even better if you have the first customer prove that there is a real demand for your product or service.

  • Define your target customers

Determine precisely as possible, who your customers will be. This is key when it comes to starting to plan and implement marketing strategies; it is essential when you are analysing the need it satisfies or the problem it solves for your product or services.

  • Establish your business model

Once you have the need to satisfy and know how you will do it, you must establish how your company will make profits. Subscription system, one-time purchases, repetitive purchases, etc. all of them are business models and each one has its benefits.

  • Scalability possibilities

To create a successful startup, your business must be scalable. What makes a particular business scalable is that it generates revenue faster than increases in its cost structure.

To achieve this, you will need vision and creativity. You need to have possibilities to continue growing, either by opening new stores, offering improvements in products, creating new lines of business, expanding into new markets.

Seeking scalability is essential for your business to succeed because if it is not scalable, it will not be able to offer profitability in the short or medium term.