Repurpose and reuse your content; and save £££

You work hard to create content on behalf of your business or brand, but then once you post it, it’s gone and you are on to creating the next day’s content. You don’t have to live this way!

You can repackage your content from one social media site to another; you can change it from a link to a story to an image to a video. It can appear under your brand in more than one place.  You can cut your work down and spend more time with your customers instead of working on creating unique content for each and every medium you use to draw attention to your business and cultivate leads.

Here are the six best ways to repurpose your content and keep your hard work working for you longer.

Turn your content into an image or infographic

Everything you post on your accounts or in your newsletter or on your website has value. It has something that makes it unique and newsworthy. Be it a statistic, or a quote, or a new feature is being added to your website. All of these things can easily be turned into a graphic or infographic.

You can turn that Facebook post on your Page into a quote from the article and post that quote on your Instagram account. You can turn the same article with interesting facts reflecting your industry into an infographic and reach a whole new audience on Facebook. The Facebook algorithm treats links and photo content differently, and can ensure this content reaches a new audience. 

Start a podcast and talk about all of your content

Podcasts are currently surging as the top way people consume news about the industries and individuals important to them. It seems as though every industry where it is possible to speak for thirty minutes to an hour on their topic has a podcast.

The start-up costs can range from free with certain apps to quite expensive once you get into mixing technologies and microphones of a higher caliber.

A podcast can be a great way to draw attention to your business and speak about the topics important to you.

The prep time for your podcast won’t be as intensive as other podcasts because you have already taken the time to understand the information you have posted on your accounts and have learned that they are important to your audience.

Pick three or four of the best performing content pieces and discuss them more at length during a thirty-minute podcast. It will show prospective clients or customers that you know the material inside and out and have a mastery of your field. 

Turn your content into a video

Video content remains king across all platforms. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all have the highest reach and engagement on video content.

There are certain websites in which you can create stock video content and plug content into video builders across the internet.  You can also focus on giving your thoughts and feelings about news affecting your industry or what kind of content your business is posting.

With the growth of Stories on Facebook and Instagram, you can repackage any of your news stories or content into short videos with links to the actual content. These smaller videos make for easy content to fill your social calendar with and the longer videos in which you expand more on the posts can be uploaded to any of your social profiles and create a series of content for all of your digital audiences. 

Turn your longer articles in listicles. They aren’t just for Buzzfeed anymore!

Every long form article got that way by listing out all of the facts and reasons as to why their opinion is right or how we came to be at why things are the way that they are. You can take a look at these articles and pull the most important line from each of the paragraphs and add a quick line and a photo and give all of the readers the gist of the much longer article.

These listicles should feature clickbait headlines that will garner the attention of people who may be uninterested in a several thousand-word article.

When creating your longer blogs posts try to bold the lines that you want to use in your listicle. Not only do you draw attention to the line for those interested in the long form version, but then they are easier to pick out when it comes time to create your new content. 

Take all of your longer content and other written content and turn them into an ebook

You are an expert in your field so why shouldn’t you write a book? Think of all the blogging and long form writing you have done on these topics. All of the institutional knowledge you have in your field. Repackage these articles into an ebook and put all of your best work in one place for your clients, customers, and potential leads to take a look at before or after they appreciate your hard work.

eBooks are like podcasts, they are an emerging market and it has never been easier to put one out on the market. This takes a little more effort, but in the long run you have all of your best work in one place for the world to see!

Start a newsletter and put everything there too

A newsletter performs two essential tasks for any business. One, it serves as a catchall for all of the content and important news relating to your business and brand. You can link to posts, videos, and blogs right there and send them to your most important inboxes and subscribers.

The second important thing it does for you is it gives you a guise to collect email addresses under. In the 21st century market place data is as valuable as anything else. By securing email addresses you can stay in constant contact with your consumers and you can even upload these email addresses into several digital ad buying sites such as Facebook and Google.