Instagram Stories: A useful marketing tool?

How to use the Instagram stories for marketing 

Most companies are present only in some of the major Social Networks. In general, almost all choose Facebook and Twitter, or perhaps LinkedIn, but the jump to Instagram has been just as important for many entrepreneurs. 

How it works?

Instagram 6.jpg

The novelty of the application is that now with Instagram Stories, you can show images or videos of a maximum duration of 10 seconds, which disappear after 24 hours. Also, these mini videos are customisable, i.e., the application offers a pencil with which you can add a drawing to the image or insert emoticons. All right, sounds fun, but you may be wondering what good is it to use this?

How can I use Instagram in my company?

Let’s start by saying it’s straightforward. Instagram has made its increasingly popular feature about as easy to use as is possible whilst still allowing for there to be enough features to suit all needs.

Why do Instagram Stories have characteristics in common with more traditional social marketing? They are two different concepts, but they have more in common than we might think at first glance:

  • It does not invade. The number 1 rule of Digital Marketing is to offer content of interest without invading your potential customer. With Instagram Stories, whoever comes to see you will do it voluntarily, click on your story and it will take a few seconds to look at what you are saying today. You don't have to worry if you share too much content, you can regularly publish without invading the profile of your followers.

  • Have fun. If Digital Marketing is determined to offer content that interests and amuses... This is your chance! Instagram Stories is fun, whoever follows you will be able to see everything you put within their reach, videos or photos, which can be creatively customised to your liking.

  • Loyalty and interest. If what you show in your daily story is exciting or fun, your followers will come by your profile to see you every day.

  • Renew or die. Instagram has shown the social network has known how to adapt to the times, it has realised that Snapchat was on its heels, that more and more users abandon the static of their perfectly retouched photos to move to the ephemeral and momentary Snapchat. So if that's what people want, why don't you give it to them? 

So, taking into account all the similarities with the Digital Marketing philosophy, and seeing what Instagram Stories offers, your company or brand may need to consider being there. Instagram has long since twinned with Facebook and seems to be following in its footsteps, gradually becoming a more personal and closer Social Network, without losing the formal touches that Snapchat lacks.