Instagram - Would your business benefit?

Instagram is undeniably one of the largest photo sharing sites on the Internet. With such a massive influence, many businesses have immediately flocked to the platform in an attempt to blindly promote brands. Some businesses find massive success with Instagram, while others struggle to gain any sort of following. Very few marketers know how to correctly leverage this massive user-base to expand their brand. With this post, I hope to be able to give you some words of advice on whether Instagram would benefit your own business.

Instagram 3.jpg

The first question to ask yourself is what kind of products are you selling, and would it be best portrayed on Instagram. Keep in mind, Instagram is primarily for photos and short videos, so you must decide if your business would benefit from having products or services shared in a quick picture or video. If you’re selling material goods, like clothing or artistic items, Instagram would be perfect for you! Instagram is the perfect place to spread artistic goods, as people who like your stuff can easily share it with their friends. Even if you’re not necessarily selling material goods, many times digital goods can thrive on Instagram as well. However, non-material services are not the best for Instagram, because, obviously, a product that cannot be quantified would be difficult to portray in a single picture or short video. For these kinds of skill-based services, invest your effort into a solid website with plenty examples of your work.

Another question to ask yourself is whether you have the time to keep the business’ Instagram up to date. Many times, business Instagram accounts have a couple of posts from months ago and never get updated in the future. Being committed is a huge part of building an audience. The easiest way to gain interest from people is to directly interact with them. An interested customer feels much more comfortable with a company when he or she is treated as a person. If you’re not actively engaging with your followers, people will quickly lose interest. If you feel you could benefit from a social media management service, get in touch today!

The final question to ask is whether your customer would have any interest in your business’ Instagram. Obviously, Instagram lets you follow people and lets other people follow you: the question is whether having people “follow” your business is actually useful. If your business sells professional services, Instagram would be the last place your intended customer would check to find more information about your business.

Expanding your business to Instagram may initially seem like a fantastic idea, but on second thought, may not help you at all. Or, it could be the difference between running an average goods store and developing a massive cult following. With these key questions, I hope I have helped you determine if Instagram is right for your business. if you're unsure which channels may benefit you, you can book a completely free marketing consultation with myself.