How to make remarketing ads more effective!

All of us have been remarketed to, probably several times a day, with advertisements that appear as we browse through our favourite sites. Remarketing is a valid part of your digital strategy and is a great way to win business when it might otherwise have been lost. 

Some people believe that a remarketing ad needs to be seen 3 times to be effective - others claim more. Although they can be very effective in leading you to make a decision, they can also be annoying so it's important to make sure that they are managed effectively. To that end, consider the following 3 areas to consider when putting together a campaign for remarketing.

Strategy and Approach

So who do we want to retarget? Think about what you want a visitor to do when they land on your website eg buying something or making an enquiry via a contact form. So often we see that remarketing campaigns are targeted at anyone who has already been the the website but left without engaging. Its key to remember that just because someone has visited the website, it doesn't necessarily mean they want the product or service that is being offered. Instead, make notes on the behaviour of website visitors. How much time they spent on the site, which pages they visited and how long they spent there, did they abandon their basket or get to checkout and fail to complete their purchase?

From this you can make lists so that you can control how the remarketing is done. Smaller everyday purchases might only need remarketing for a short time but something larger or more expensive, like a holiday can be done over a longer time, giving people time to plan and make their decision.

Finally consider what you are promoting on the website. Is it something people are likely to purchase on a first visit or will it take longer for them to decide? Remarketing helps to connect with them across various touchpoints, giving them a chance to engage and interact with you in other ways before they are persuaded to to convert on your site.

The Ads

Once you have these remarketing lists and have a strategy all planned out, you can create your ads. The lists should help you to give the right message, matched to the parameters of the list you have created. Your branding will resonate with anyone who happens to see the ad and you should include a clear call to action so that the visitor knows what you want them to do on your site.

Try to make your ad as engaging as you can. With so many digital ads jostling for space on the internet, you may want something animated to stand out from the crowd. You can engage potential customers or clients by showing them a video or asking them to play a game. Even if you can't afford anything fancy, you can use engaging imagery or messages to get their attention.

Protect Your Brand

If your advertisements are bombarding people on every platform, it can be irritating and switch people off to you brand. Overmarketing can have the opposite effect and drive people away from your website. So set up frequency capping to stop this. It may mean fewer clicks to your website but you may end up with visitors who do really want to convert.

You can also set up a list of sites that you don't want your remarketing ads to appear on, meaning you can avoid your brand being associated with inappropriate or even harmful content. 

Summing up

Always plan your remarketing strategy carefully and do your homework so you can target the right people in the right way, without bombarding them constantly. You want them to visit your site, not avoid it! 

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