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#MarchMeetTheMaker Day 1: Favourite to make

Today we’re kickstarting the March Meet The Maker challenge with “Favourite to Make”. As a digital business, not everything in this challenge is 100% applicable to me so I’m going to adapt, pick and choose which days I choose to participate.

Day 1.png

Brining art to advertising is a hugely creative journey with written as well as graphic/visual elements coming into play.

One of the most challenging hurdles I’ve had to overcome was improving my content and writing skills.

As a marketer, you’re expected to be able to write content for social media which is a skill I’ve always been lucky to have but writing content in the form of blog articles wasn’t something that came quite as naturally to me.

My skills exploded in this area because they had to. When I first started CC Digital I couldn’t afford to pay other freelancers to write for me so I had no choice but to up my game in the writing world. I now write every week for the CC Digital blog as well as for our SEO clients - which gives me a vast array of topics to cover from cars to recruitment.

Writing has become a new passion of mine and although I wouldn’t necessarily call it my favourite thing to do (that would be data analysis 😍) it’s become a new love and passion.

#MarchMeetTheMaker Day 2: How you started

March Meet The Maker.png

When people ask me how the CC Digital brand came about I always I always chuckle slightly at the thought of the “series of unfortunate events” that lead to it’s founding.

Story time! After leaving a super cool job due to personal and family reasons I was lucky enough to be offered another marketing job for a company just outside of town. Unfortunately this wasn’t to be and I only lasted 10 days … After applying for every other marketing job there was going and having no luck I was finally offered an interview for a social media role. Which turned out wasn’t really for social media much at all but was mainly actually a till sales role. By now, I was getting short on cash and needed something quick. So, as with many creatives I now talk to, I thought “well I’ll just do some freelancing to tie me over until I find something more permanent”. But the something more permanent never came and by April of 2018 I’d given up looking for “a proper job” as my mum would probably call it. Along came CC Digital; the permanent one.

#MarchMeetTheMaker Day 6: Full or part time

I dived straight in at the deep end with CC Digital and started working full time from day one. Admittedly, the first few months were a complete struggle with long hours and little pay but as with anything, if your truly give it your all and work at it hard enough it certainly does pay off in the end.


A year down the line and I still work full time on CC Digital and even have some part time help now, but pay is definitely better and the workload although a lot, is very manageable.

I want to step in here and talk about success. Theres a lot of imagery that surrounds “success” but I don’t believe this imagery is always right. Sure, having a nice house and luxury car is great but does this really define success? To me success is being able to say “I’m making a living doing what I love” anything else is a bonus.

#MarchMeetTheMaker Day 7: Less glam side

Less glam side.png

I’ll be honest, this job is pretty freaking great and there isn’t much to “moan about”. I suppose if I really wanted to dig deep to find something to talk about when it comes to the cons of the job I’d look at the struggle to obtain and maintain a good work life balance. This is something I’ll be talking about more later in more detail in the March Meet The Maker challenge.

As a business owner its often easy to get consumed by work. Even more so when you work from your person space ie your home. I’ve found a few simple tricks to help with work life balance;

1. Turn off all email notifications - check your emails at set times of the day or in-between bigger tasks. This will not only help you to avoid distraction but it’ll mean that your work time is your work time and your personal time won’t be bombarded by emails.

2. Work out what your non-negotiable are and make your work fit around these. Your non-negotiable might be family time on a Wednesday afternoon or 4 gym sessions each week. Whatever they might be, put them on your calendar and make your work work around them. Not the other way around.

3. Mediate, read, exercise - do whatever but turn off from work at least an hour before bed.

#MarchMeetTheMaker Day 8: Products


Products, services, all the same really. Many digital marketing agencies span a huge range of services from web and graphic design to PPC and SEO as well as covering social media and content writing. Here at CC Digital we stick to what we know. That’s why we only offer PPC, SEO and Social Media services. Would you rather work with someone who excels in 3 skills or someone who is mediocre at 7?

You can learn more about our services on our website.

#MachMeetTheMaker Day 11: Reducing waste

#MarchMeet TheMaker Day 11.png

Reducing waste, especially plastic waste., is a big part of my every day life including with my work. Not making physical products does mean that waste is already significantly reduced compared with businesses that do make and sell physical items. Even still, there are steps we take here at CC Digital to avoid waste as much as possible including:

1. Keeping an electronic record of our accounts

2. Keeping electronic diaries and notes

3. Avoiding printing material unnecessarily - only print what really needs to be printed

Personally, I also take steps to reduce waste. You can read my article on 20 things to stop buying to reduce waste and save money here: https://www.naturallybychloe.com/blog/reduce-waste-save-money

#MarchMeetTheMaker Day 14: How I learned 📖

Day 14_ how i learned.png

Working in PPC, SEO and Social Media tends to mean that the learning never stops. There are constant changes being made to the platforms we work with keeping up to date isn't always easy!

I was lucky enough to start my marketing life with an apprenticeship in the industry. Once I went freelance and later started the CC Digital agency, learning was on me. As a Google Partner we're lucky to have access to many different resources from Google including the Academy for Ads. And of course, I always recommend Skillshare. This can be a great platform for learning about everything from branding to SEO and accounting skills needed to run your business!

#MarchMeetTheMaker Day 15: Motivation and goals

When I first started the CC Digital brand I had goals. A lot of goals. Close x amount of projects per month, x amount of money per month but as the business grew I found my goals faded.

Day 15.png

There is a brilliant podcast on the subject of goals on The Ground Up Show.

Now, I don’t really have too many “goals”. Instead I choose to ensure that I’ve worked to move forward with both the business and my personal life every single day.

Journaling can help. Alex Banayan, author of “The Third Door” came up with 3 simple questions you should answer every single day for 30 days to help calculate what exactly is bringing you joy and what isn’t. You can use this to focus your goals and inspirations. The 3 questions are:

1. What excited me today?

2. What drained me of energy?

3. What did I learn about myself today?

Now, you must answer these in a journal, everyday for 30 days. By day 10 it will seem pointless and you’ll wonder why you’re doing it but by day 30 it’ll all make sense and you’ll learn a lot about yourself and you work.

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