Processes of design content creation

Creating your brief

Discovery sessions (calls/meetings) can help you get to know each other and /usually/ allows you to get a rough design brief put together.

I would typically have a more pointed call after the initial conversation because it's important to know all the who’s, where’s, and why’s so we can collectively polish the design brief.

Brainstorm Ideas

I typically create 3-4 initial ideas that generally fall into 3 versions:

  • “exactly what you asked for”

  • “what you said, but with my tweaks”,

  • “my idea for your project”

Design Approval

Now is the time to get the initial design concept approved by the client. Once you have the approval, there should be no further major tweaks needed.

Website design for Pips Personal Training

Website design for Pips Personal Training

Time to get started

Here’s where I get into all the deep research, reference, and take my time to make sure that the approved comp makes it to final draft (before all the crazy polish). All the technical specs are met and this will definitely work.

Design Review: Pre Finished

The client should now review the work produced so far and any revisions required should be requested now.

Final design (polished) and review

The final gets created, polished and sent for review. Work gets delivered Everything gets delivered and double-checked by the client so everyone knows that everything is delivered.