Why you should share your content more than once!

On social networks, especially on Twitter, there is an unwritten rule that advises you not to share more than once the same post, and more if that post is yours.

The reasons are obvious: you may end up annoying/burning your followers and may also qualify as an excess. I agree, to an extent but I am a firm believe that finding the middle ground is best. Here's why:

Defect: I think that if you share it only once or not at all and let your readers do it, you will be missing opportunities to' impact' your audience with your content.

Excess: if, on the other hand, you decide to machine gun for days with the same content (even if you send content by direct message, mentioning, etc.), you will get: more traffic, but of more inferior quality and you may also earn the reputation of 'spammer'. No one wants that!

So where's the vital midterm?

Why should you share your content more than once on social networks?

Let's start by clarifying that when I talk about sharing a post more than once, I mean both the posts you've just published and the old ones. Content can come in a huge range of forms, everything from blog posts, to video content and images.

1. Your audience isn't listening to you.

We do not all have the same habits when it comes to managing social networks, and therefore, it is certain that some of your followers will not be connected when you share the post. By sharing content more than once, we are enabling users and followers to see it at a more convenient time. Or, perhaps that content that you shared a month ago wasn't relevant to them then, but it is now.

2. Time zones

You'll have fans in different time zones. Therefore, if you share your content with only the users of your own time zone in mind, you may be missing a significant percentage of your audience.

3. Impact new fans with old content

With the passing of time, you will be gaining followers who only know your most recent posts. So if you share old posts, you'll be sending them new content.

How to optimise your publications in social networks?

Doing this in an organised way that doesn't involve excessive effort and at the same time doesn't bother your followers is not an easy task.



1. Select the most suitable times

There are several tools (both for Twitter and Facebook) that let you find out when the highest percentage of your users are online. You can try SocialBro, Followerwonk or Tweriod, for Twitter, and Facebook analytics data.

2. Automation

Automating your posts will allow your content (both your own and third-party content) to reach your followers at times they are online. If you share the content when you read them and all of them in a row, you will get less engagement (and therefore bring less value) and possibly stun them a little bit with so much content.

3. Use different approaches to propose content

If in addition to sharing it at different times, you try to give it an exciting approach each time, add a comment. You will get to awaken extra interest.