Q&A - "I am starting a security consultancy business. How do I start marketing?"


"I am starting a security consultancy business. Teaching families how not to become victims whether it’s from being burgled, caught out in a disaster (earthquake, tsunami etc.), jumped in a dark alleyway etc. teaching them how to contingency plan in every aspect of their lives that they see as threats they need to mitigate against.

I have been a bodyguard for several years, operating in the Middle East. Now I want to bring these procedures back home to the civilian market -more specifically, regular families. The trouble I can foresee, everyone needs security at some level, but my 18 years of experience tell me nobody likes paying for it (yes clients even argue with me in Iraq to save their own lives by not wanting to wear body armor because they believe they know better).

With this in mind, how would you suggest I start with digital marketing on this one?"

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Thanks for getting in touch. What you have there is a great business idea that won’t necessarily be easy to advertise. Usually, when it comes to advertising, you have just a few words to put across what you want to say but from what you’ve written above its clear you’re going to need more. I’ll outline below the areas of advertising I have knowledge of and how they probably will or probably won’t help you.

PPC - Google / Bing Ads - From a search perspective these probably won’t help you. I think you’ll struggle to find keywords that will have high enough search volume whilst still being specific enough to get the correct traffic. I would always recommend running a branded search campaign but that would be the extent of that for you. Remarketing could work well; generally does well for businesses and is also usually cheaper than other ad types available through the platform.

SEO - Always worth working on but its a long term and no short term plan. In a specific industry it will of course work more quickly than if you’re looking to rank well for broad high competition search terms. If you’re just starting out I wouldn’t make this absolute top priority.


Social Media - This could be the best option for you. Now, video marketing could be beneficial here. Video marketing gives you more time to say what you want to about your business. You can use visuals to help encourage engagement. The fundamental mistake so many businesses seem to be making is only (or primarily) posting self promotion on their social media platforms. I read recently that 42% of consumers will unfollow a brand if their social platform is full of self promotion. So what should your social media actually look like? The way I always look at what I post is with the thought of “would I (as a consumer) actually want to sit and scroll through this feed for the next 10 minutes?” If the answer is no then why? The last thing anyone wants to scroll through is a page full of self promotion but even if your feed isn’t like this is its content engaging? There are a lot of things you can post on your social channels to keep them interesting and posting regularly (I recommend 1 to 2 times per day) is ideal.

Email marketing is another option you have. Unsure what the regulations are for you but with the implementation on GDPR many businesses are now changing the way they collect emails for email marketing purposes. You have probably seen the increasingly popular trend of giving something away to collect email address. Usually an ebook or something similar is given away but you have to provide some basic information before you get it. This could be something to consider if you have the time to do this kind of lead capture.