How technology has revolutionised the recruitment process

The rise of technology over the last decade has remoulded the way many industries work, including the recruitment industry. The use of technology has taken the industry from strength to strength offering support with:

  • Sourcing candidates and data

  • Attracting candidates

  • Assessing candidates

  • Skills testing

  • Tracking candidate process

Prior to everyone having the internet and social media, job listings were posted in local newspapers and magazines. The reach of these postings, however, was limited. Businesses and recruiters alike had to settle for less qualified people to fill their open roles.

The changing dynamics of the recruitment process has been largely down to the rise of social media. With Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter all being actively used by businesses and recruiters to attract talent, advertise opportunities and showcase company culture, the potential reach of your job adverts is growing exponentially.

Let’s also not forget that technology has introduced cloud-based recruitment software and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to automate, improve and streamline the recruiting process. ATS improves the 3 most important hiring metrics, time to hire, quality of hire and cost to hire.

Skype and other video chat tools have left their impact through providing a cost effective way to have “face to face” interviews with the candidate - ideal for candidates applying for roles where they would be looking to relocate should they be offered the position.

There is no doubt that technology will continue to shape the recruitment process for years to come. If you need any help with your recruitment process, we recommend getting in touch with Benjamin Edwards Recruitment - a local Lincolnshire based recruitment agency!