Top 8 pros and cons of Facebook paid Ads

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The paid-ads demand is something that only goes up throughout the years and it is a resource every digital brand often looks up while growing their business, and social media platforms such as Facebook provide answers.

So everyone who has been trying to grow their brand has heard about paid social ads, but what are exactly the pros and cons of these ads? I've done the hard work for you and outlined below are the top 8 pros and cons of Facebook paid advertising.


  • Broad Audience: Facebook has one the biggest social media user basis with more than 1.4 billion daily active users and it doesn’t stop growing. It is one of the best scopes you can look for to start exposing your business to a broader audience, and you can also keep track of your customers mobile and offline behaviours to gain more knowledge about them.

  • Visual Content Usage: They provide you the ability to use images and videos to quickly capture the interest of your target market, which is always a good thing since visual content always attracts more attention.

  • Advanced Targeting Approaches: Allows your brand to acquire a specific audience by setting categories such as towns, regions, ages, interests, income bracket and the user’s purchasing history and CRM database.

  • Easy to apply it: Every business owner can start making use of these without vast experience in ad campaigns just because it’s simple ad structure. Way easier to set up than Google Ads.

  • Customer Loyalty: Gain higher reputation by interacting with your customers in an active way so you can have strong customer loyalty and a well known brand image.


  • Costly: You need to get your targeting options 100% as refined as possible. If set up and managed incorrectly it could be very costly and see little or any returns.

  • Low Conversion Rate: Compared to a Google AdWords campaign, the conversion rate might be lower although you are reaching a wider audience as they are not actively searching for your product or service.

  • Absence of Organic Views: Only a small percentage of your customers will see your posts since the Facebook algorithm limits brands visibility.

Every marketing strategy has its own flaws, but we have to take the most advantageous ways to implement your ads in order to keep growing your brand and maintain the quality of it, and surely facebook ads offer more pros than cons?