Your business needs video advertising! Here's why ...

In the new age of social media management and marketing, you are going through more content than you ever have before. With changing algorithms and different dimensions dictating different rules across different platforms you should be looking to get the best bang for your buck and the best use of your public relations team’s time. Across every platform, it is a universal truth that video content has the highest reach and the most engagements. The pivot to video storytelling is real and there are several reasons why this has happened. 

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Every major site has autoplay

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, will always start your video instantaneously and not give the consumer a chance to ignore it. In this instance, you need to make sure the first few frames and thumbnail are eye catching to keep the attention of the consumer. 

Enable closed captions for silent views

I’ll let you in on a secret, people are watching videos on their phone almost all day. At work, at home, when they are supposed to be watching their children, they are watching just about all the time. Most of the time, they aren’t supposed to be watching videos, so you have to help these people out. Enable closed captioning or do the closed captioning yourself to give silent viewers the ability to be consume your content as well.

Storytelling is easier this way

Videos provide you an easier way to tell your stories and create a connection with the audience. With images and pictures you are only afforded so much space to tell a story. With links to stories you only have so many characters to explain why the story is important. With a thirty second or one minute video, you have a much longer and more complete ability to tell a story and make that connection with your consumer.

Videos are more likely to go viral

Every social media manager has heard from their supervisor that they need something to go viral. While you can’t bend the internet to your will, you can certainly give your content the added boost of being more shareable. Video content, because you can do so much more with it is more likely to incorporate a feature that connects with people. The story you tell is more likely to connect with someone. Or the funny part of the video makes someone laugh and they wan to share it with their friends. Videos are more likely to cause a visceral human reaction and that makes them more shareable than other content.

Make videos easier by repurposing content

One of the easiest videos you can create is a slideshow of images from an important event or a tragic event. Think of some of the videos that are played at fundraisers, it is never the actual video of a tragic event or even individuals suffering, it is the first overhead photos of a flood or damage done from a hurricane. That’s not anything new that has been used, just what has already existed as a way to connect with the audience.