Why ditch traditional and go digital with your marketing?

Traditional marketing is much more expensive than digital marketing

For small businesses, getting to promote their brand on radio or television does not always make for a good investment; as they have to buy the television space that is charged per second, and having to hire a company to make the audiovisual content of the advert, and buy several areas. It is not a good option, even more so,

knowing that advertisements through these means of communication are directed at the audience as a mass and not as an individual, generating a "lack of attention". When it comes to Digital Marketing one looks directly at what they want, and the search engine shows us only the ads that are related to what we are looking for.

In traditional marketing, there is little or no interactivity

Interacting with your potential customers is essential, as they want the right people to answer their questions, being able to remove all their doubts and concerns before buying your product or service. In traditional marketing this is practically impossible, there is no personalised interaction with each customer, everything is just laid out in black and white.

Through traditional advertising the information you can provide is limited. By advertising your business on the Internet, you can attract millions of people and provide unlimited information.

You can generate information and publish on the fly using digital marketing

If you want to update something or provide more and new information to the public, you will often have to do it months in advance to advertise in a magazine, since editors need time to create a format for your ad and add it to the pages. On the other hand, if you want to update your business, you can do it online at any time by publishing on Facebook, creating tweets or updating your website quickly.

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What do you gain from digital marketing?

It has become clear then that digital marketing is not just a trend or a method that has little influence on the processes that we develop from the companies in the commercial field. It is a tool, and sometimes much more than that.

Our potential customers and clients are on the net; they are giving their opinion all the time, and it is necessary to interact directly with them. To buy, the user looks for information on the Internet and also trusts it. There is a real power of influence on the opinion of users (blog posts, views of other users, people who talk about their experience, etc).

Having a website without updating it is not enough. You should not use the web as a business card, but rather as a communication channel, a valuable information channel.

Performing digital marketing strategies will not only help us to attract new users but also to convert these users into loyal customers.

Digital marketing is not just for large companies. It's good for everyone. In fact, it is the perfect opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises to compete and gain market share. The struggle is no longer about space but about attention. The user wants value, and wants useful information.