Why you can't see your own Google Ads

There are many common reasons why you may not see your ad when you try to search for it. We always recommend using the Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool instead of performing a search on Google.co.uk. It can help you see your ad without accruing extra impressions.

Did you know that if you continually search for your ad but don’t ever click on it, Google will deem this ad less relevant to you and may stop showing you your ads?

Google uses your computer’s IP address to identify you and decide which ads to serve to you. If you continuously search for your own ads and do not click on them, Google may stop showing them to you, as you have indicated that the ad isn’t relevant to you. So, while you might assume that your ad isn’t running, in reality it might just not be running for you.

Location targeting

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Location targeting lets you target your ads to specific locations. If you're located outside the area that you're targeting, you won't be able to find your ad by searching for it. Instead, you can use the Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool to set a custom location and preview your ad.

Daily budget has been reached

Google Ads displays your ads as often as possible while staying within your daily budget. Back up to 2017 when Google changed the rules slightly. They can now use up to 150% of your daily budget each day but will not go over your monthly budget allowance (daily budget x 30.4). When the budget limit has been reached, your ads will typically stop being displayed for that day.

Ad scheduling

You may not be able to find your ad if you've scheduled it to only run at certain hours of the day, or days of the week.

Low Search Volume

 Low search volume could be another reason your ads are not getting any impressions. If you’re targeting very long-tail or niche keywords, you may see a “low search volume” status in the Status column of your campaign. You can check if your account’s keywords have low search volume by clicking into the Keyword section and checking Status column. 

The ad is still in the approval process 

If it has been less than one business day since you’ve created your ad, the ad is still likely in the approval process and will not run. There’s no action you need to take here other than wait it out until the ad has gone through the approval process and has (hopefully) been approved.

Keyword bids aren’t high enough

 When your keyword bids are too low in comparison to what competitors are bidding for the same keyword in that particular ad auction, there’s a much higher chance that your ad will not run.