Do you revise old blog content? You probably should. Here's why!

You might think that once a blog post is up on your blog, its effectiveness has reached its peak. It will get hits, comments, and then eventually fall into your archive as so many other posts have done in the past. However, your old blog content is just as important—if not, in some cases, more important—than your new content and it should be regularly revisited.

Let’s take a closer look at why you should revisit your old blog content regularly!

Archived Content is a Long-lasting Asset

Archived content is surprisingly long-lasting in terms of being an asset for your blog. If you take a look at the statistics and analytics for your blog, you may find that a surprising amount of your blogs comments, visitor hits and other traffic is actually directed towards old blogs rather than strictly your new content.

For this reason, archived content is definitely something you should consider a long-lasting asset rather than something that is best forgotten in the past. 

Revisiting your old content can help you refresh it, direct more traffic to your blog, and simply improve upon the quality of your blog as a whole.

What to Consider When Revisiting Archived Content

There are a few key things you should consider when revisiting your archived content posts. These questions will help you determine what you need to do with the post, both in terms of its actual content and whether or not you can continue to utilise it in an effective way.

Is it considered evergreen?

If the content is considered evergreen—that is, always relevant—then you can repost it or provide a fresh link to it on your social media pages and your blog feed. This will help get the post more traffic while allowing you to reuse an old post to save time.

Is the post relevant--could it be deleted?

If the post is no longer relevant and does not provide anything to current readers—say, a post about an old giveaway that is no longer active and contains no other information—then you may consider deleting the post. 

Are there mistakes that need to be fixed?

It happens—you miss spelling mistakes or provide an incorrect link or a post no longer has a working image. If there are mistakes in the post that need to be fixed, now is the time to fix them so that other people who stumble on the page in the future don’t see any unsightly mistakes. 

Can the post be improved?

If the content is older, there’s always the chance that you can improve it by bringing it up to your current standards. This is especially true if your blog has years and years of content, as your writing skills and blogging style will have on doubt improved in the meantime.

Remember: archived content can be incredibly useful for your blog, so revisit it regularly in order to keep your blog as fresh as possible.