CS Mortgage Solutions

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about …

CS Mortgage Solutions was founded by Craig Skelton and now offer mortgage advice and broker services across the UK.


Project Overview …

CS Mortgage Solutions came to us for help with their PPC and SEO campaigns after decided they wanted to start bringing more leads through their own website rather than via alternative routes. We decided to combine a new PPC campaign with a strong SEO strategy to generate their desired results.


The Results

On-site optimisation has played a big role in the SEO and PPC efforts of the CS Mortgage Solutions marketing campaign. Additionally, adding a blog to the site and creating local PPC campaigns have significantly increased the amount of traffic and leads through to the CS Mortgage solutions site over the last few months.

You can view some of the results from their SEO campaign below:

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Screenshot 2019-06-10 at 15.26.07.png

Results from the CS Mortgage PPC campaign below:

Conversion rate: the percentage of people that click on your ad, that then go on to convert

Conversions: phone calls, form submissions (we would also count sales for ecommerce stores but that’s not applicable here). These are actions customers take that generate enquires, leads or sales for your business.

Impressions: how many times your ad was shown to people

Cost per conversion: the amount of money you’ve had to spend to receive 1 conversion

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‘After running my own PPC and Facebook Ad’s with little success, I needed someone who understood me and what I was trying to achieve for my business. Luckily, I found Chloe and after our first call, she just got it! She now runs our PPC and SEO campaigns with amazing results!’
— Craig Skelton | CS Mortgage Solutions