Our Insurance


We’re humans and mistakes could happen. That’s why we have insurance through Dinghy. You can view our verified profile on Dinghy here: https://getdinghy.com/deck/members/ca-5162

Please note: we are not covered for work in the USA and Canada.

What we’re covered for


If we do not use reasonable care and skill, or make a negligent misstatement or misrepresentation.

Breach of contract

If we unintentionally breach a contract, hold harmless or indemnity agreement.

Defamation, libel & slander

Unknowingly damaging the reputation of any person or organisation, including mental anguish or emotional distress.

Violating right of privacy or publicity

Accidentally invading a right of privacy, including using someone’s name, persona, voice or likeness.

Infringement of Intellectual Property

Unintentional infringement of intellectual property such as copyright, trade mark, including Plagiarism.

Any other civil liability

Any act or omission that causes a civil liability that’s not excluded in the term and conditions.

Claims expenses

We are covered for all costs and expenses for defending us against an allegation, even if the allegation turns out to be false.

Tax protection

Dinghy tax advisors and accountants will represent us if a dispute arises following a compliance check by HMRC. They will also deal with HMRC if there is an enquiry into our business, as well as a range of appeals.

Legal defence

All business must operate within a complicated frame-work of legislation. Dinghy will pay the legal costs of defending our business from criminal prosecutions, including motoring offences.

Crisis communication

Dinghy will pay up to £10,000 in professional fees to provide expert advice to help us manage communication effectively in times of crisis. This can include drafting a media statement as well as preparing suitable communications for our staff and customers or suppliers.

Compliance & regulation

Dinghy will appeal against statutory notices issued against us or defend our business against any civil action brought under the Data Protection Act. Dinghy can also help if our business is investigated by a regulatory body of if we have to attend a professional or regulatory disciplinary hearing.