Oxford performance autos

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about …

Oxford Performance Autos offer a number of car detailing and performance enhancing services from ECU remapping to Engine Carbon Cleaning and more.


Project Overview …

Oxford Performance Autos came to us for help with their PPC and SEO campaigns after noticing a drop off in organic traffic and overall website enquiries. We decided to combine their existing PPC campaign with a strong SEO strategy to generate their desired results.


The Results

After re-organising the PPC account structure we immediately noticed an increase in more relevant traffic coming through to the site as well as a great impression share for Oxford Performance Autos. Additionally, by implementing regular SEO changes, content (blogs) and making best use of resources such as Google My Business we have seen a significant increase in the amount of traffic and visibility on the organic results for Oxford Performance Autos.

You can view some of the results (short and long term) from their SEO campaign below:

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