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PPC (pay per click) Services

The PPC service I provide is designed to use your goals and targets to develop and build a strategic and successful Google Ads campaign.



PPC Management

Google's Ads or Pay Per Click (PPC) has a pretty big role to play in today's online marketing mix. Why? It gives you the unique ability to put your business right in front of a targeted audience already interested in what you have to offer.


Search …

Want to keep it simple with search ads? We’ve got you covered. Target people actively searching for your product or service and as many as 1 in 4 clicks could lead to a sale. Don’t believe us? Check out our case studies.


Display …

Show off your products or services to millions of people across millions of websites online. Otherwise known as “picture ads” display ads offer a wealth of benefits as well as remarketing options.


Shopping …

Google Shopping is the perfect advertising method for e-commerce websites looking to increase online sales.


Ongoing Management …

PPC management takes time. Your Google Ads account should be reviewed weekly or daily - budget, account size etc dependant. I’ll A/B test ads, keywords, extensions, experiments and more to ensure your campaign runs at its best!


One Off Builds …

If you’re not looking for ongoing management right now but do want some help building your campaign, I’d still be more than happy to help.


Free Audit …

Got an existing PPC campaign you’d like to me review? Request a free PPC audit below:

Request An Audit

“If they say ‘It’s impossible’ remember that it’s impossible for them; not for you.”



About PPC Marketing …

PPC advertising is the quickest way to get your products or services seen by relevant customers.

Whether you are new to PPC marketing or have an existing campaign, I’ll firstly work closely with you to understand your marketing goals and your desired target audience. If you’re running an existing campaign I’ll talk you through why you’re not achieving the results you would like to and most importantly what I can do about it! I'll suggest and create an optimal campaign structure, or revise an existing campaign and consistently manage and improve your campaign/s for the best possible performance.


A Google Partner …

The best of the best

I work with businesses both locally and nationwide to grow their online presence and increase ROI. How do I do this? Through specialist PPC, SEO and Social Media campaigns. I know it sounds scary but it’s actually a great way to grow any business from a small sole trader or an already established international organisation.

P.S CC Digital is also a Google Partner. This means I am Google Certified, my client retention is great and the work I do for my clients is awesome!


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