Making use of Social Media …


Develop traffic

Develop your website traffic through social media. We can push hundreds and thousands of potential customers from your social channels through to your website - where they can enquire or buy!



Getting creative with social content doesn’t always come easy. You may have heard of the 80/20 rule? 80% of your social media content should be engaging, sharable content related to your business or industry but not a direct sales post. We produce picture perfect content designed to fit around this model.


Get known

Social Media provides the greatest brand awareness tool we have today. If you’re looking to let people know you exist and get your name out there, Social Media is the way to go!


Support your seo

Did you know that having a strong Social Media presence can help to support your SEO efforts? Working hand in hand SEO and Social Media will create huge awareness for your brand.



Google Partner & Social media Specialists

CC Digital is a small team of 3 based in both Skegness and Louth. We work with businesses both locally and nationwide to grow their online presence and increase ROI.

P.S we’re also a Google Partner. This means we are Google Certified, our client retention is great and the work we do for our clients is awesome!


free audit

Freebies anyone? If you are worried that we will be taking a fine tooth comb to your books, relax, because we won’t. Fun fact: we don’t own tooth combs. What we mean by audits is that for every service we provide, the highly intelligent humans at CC Digital will examine all your current online marketing strategies, advising on what needs to be fixed and tossing through the window what needs to be tossed through the window. For example, if you go to work with your cat every day, we might just be tempted to toss its ball of yarn out the tiniest window in the office. Of course, that is all purely metaphorical, and we don’t mess about with cats. We simply inspect your approach to SEO, Social and PPC, all for free!


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