South West Podiatry

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about …

With clinics in Earlsfield, Wimbledon and Maidenhead, South West podiatry cover much of the South West London area and are a leading and well know podiatry brand within the local area.


Project Overview …

SW Podiatry came to us for help with their PPC and Social Media campaigns looking to gain traction in both of these areas. Their existing PPC campaign was performing well but there was a great deal of room for improvement!


The Results

We’ve seen strong results from the SW Podiatry PPC campaign. February 2019 was another smashing month for PPC. We’ll explain what the metrics mean below:

Conversion rate: the percentage of people that click on your ad, that then go on to convert

Conversions: phone calls, form submissions (we would also count sales for ecommerce stores but that’s not applicable here). These are actions customers take that generate enquires, leads or sales for your business.

Impressions: how many times your ad was shown to people

Cost per conversion: the amount of money you’ve had to spend to receive 1 conversion

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