Psychology in marketing: In-Group Favouritism

What do we mean by In-Group Favouritism? It means to prioritise products and ideas that fit with a group we share interests and are more aligned with. So you, and the group, are more likely to buy similar products or services and favour the same things, a kind of social identity. Our In-Groups may change slightly, or even completely, over time and this is worth bearing in mind from a marketing point of view.

How do we use this concept to our advantage?

If we can identify this social identity and its markers, you can then adapt your marketing strategy in order to take advantage of this. Linking with groups where you can find your ideal customer helps you find out who they are and what they want, and subsequently you can target your marketing to hit those markers. You can create polls and surveys and ask for feedback - all of which will help you learn how to offer the product or service that your potential customers really want. You can even create your own In-Group if it works to your advantage, this way, you can keep prospective customers in the loop and up to date with what you are doing, making sure they don’t miss out.

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