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Welcome to CC Digital! A Lincolnshire based SEO, PPC and Social Media agency based in Skegness and Louth. We’re a small team of 3 working with businesses both locally and nationwide including in Lincoln, Horncastle and Grimsby.

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what is seo?

It is a series of steps aimed at propelling your business to the mainstream through means that are purely organic in the hope of retaining old customers and tapping into a well of potential new customers. It is a continuous loop of actions aimed at taking you to the top in your line of work and keeping you there. Doesn’t seem that complicated now, does it?

Here at CC Digital we are crazy about helping you get where you need to be via SEO, PPC and Social Media. Our digital marketing geeks hold the key to unlocking your business potential and are ready to drop it into your hands.

Let’s talk about it …



Develop traffic

Want more website traffic? Of course you do. SEO incorporates many different elements so there are no quick fixes or shortcuts. So we work to develop your website, Google My Business, Social Media and other SEO elements over time to give strong, long lasting results.



Content marketing should play into any great SEO strategy and we don’t want to “toot our own trumpets” but we’re pretty good SEO strategists ;) That’s why we include fresh, creative and engaging content in every SEO campaign we manage.


Local SEO

More internet users are searching for local businesses than ever before, don’t miss out. We deliver local SEO campaigns so that you can be found by users in your local area and beyond. By making use of local SEO techniques as well as Google My Business, we can increase visibility by well … a lot.


e-Commerce seo

If you’re an online store looking for more sales, you’ve come to right place. Talk to us about your goals, and we’ll pull together a strategy just for you. We’re little SEO nerds that combine fresh, effective SEO techniques to get the most out of organic search.



Google Partner & SEO Specialists in Lincoln, Lincolnshire

“Goes to Google, searches SEO agency in Lincoln, finds hundreds of agencies anywhere but here” - annoying isn’t it? CC Digital is a small team of 3 based in Lincolnshire. We work with businesses both locally and nationwide to grow their online presence and increase ROI.

P.S we’re also a Google Partner. This means we are Google Certified, our client retention is great and the work we do for our clients is awesome!


free audit

Freebies anyone? If you are worried that we will be taking a fine tooth comb to your books, relax, because we won’t. Fun fact: we don’t own tooth combs. What we mean by audits is that for every service we provide, the highly intelligent humans at CC Digital will examine all your current online marketing strategies, advising on what needs to be fixed and tossing through the window what needs to be tossed through the window. For example, if you go to work with your cat every day, we might just be tempted to toss its ball of yarn out the tiniest window in the office. Of course, that is all purely metaphorical, and we don’t mess about with cats. We simply inspect your approach to SEO, Social and PPC, all for free!


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