Psychology in marketing: Confirmation Bias

Confirmation bias is the effect where our mind searches for, interprets, favours, and recalls information that confirms or strengthens beliefs that we already have.

The effect is even stronger for already deeply entrenched beliefs because in these cases instead of looking for new information people stick to what they already believe and will only take in information that strengthens such beliefs.

Why? Well it’s easier for your brain to stick with your current beliefs than to have to go through the decision making process and choose a whole new set of beliefs all over again.

Confirmation bias is a very common bias to fall prey too. In order to leverage this type of marketing psychology there are a few things to consider:

1. You need to know your audience well

You need to know your audience well enough to know that their existing sets of beliefs are. You can use data from in depth sources such as Google Analytics or check out some of your customers on social media. What sort of articles and posts are they sharing? Is there a pattern?

2. Share information from your brand

Share information from your brand that they believe to already be true. This will increase the engagement you get via social media for example as well as your customers putting more trust and belief into your brand.

3. Write detailed product descriptions

Finally, you can write detailed product/service descriptions that assured people of the things they likely already believe about your product or business. This could be information related to the quality of customer service, the quality of the product or the value.

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