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Q&A - "How do I market my vegan cosmetics company?"

"Basically, I used to run a business selling handmade balms and soaps. I stopped when I went to law school.

Now, I’m working on trading again. This time I am selling balms and make-up. How do I reach out to more people? And what steps can I take to market my company. Do you recommend finding a digital marketing manager on somewhere like freelancer? Or should I work on it myself at the moment then when I have more money consider a manager?"

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Q&A - "I am starting a security consultancy business. How do I start marketing?"

What you have there is a great business idea that won’t necessarily be easy to advertise. Usually, when it comes to advertising, you have just a few words to put across what you want to say but from what you’ve written above its clear you’re going to need more. I’ll outline below the areas of advertising I have knowledge of and how they probably will or probably won’t help you.

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What to look for when recruiting accountants for your business?

Recruiting in house or outsourcing accountants for your business is an essential task, in some cases, businesses do not see it as a priority because there are other areas of the company that require more of their attention.

Having healthy finances in your business and meeting tax obligations is as important as generating more leads and sales, so it is essential to take the time to hire the ideal accountant for your business.

Whether you hire an accountant yourself or choose to outsource your hiring to recruitment agencies, we recommend you review the following points to ensure you’re making the best choice.

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4 Tips to reduce high shopping cart abandonment!

 I was recently asked the question “how do I reduce my shopping cart abandonment rate?” - this is a tough question to answer with specifics without viewing the site or the analytics surrounding it but for the purpose of this blog, it’s a perfect question. I’m going to walk you through the top 4 basic things you should be looking at, evaluating and solving in order to improve your own abandonment rate.

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