Facebook tests replacing "share" with message button on News Feed posts!

So, you may have already heard, noticed or seen that Facebook appears to be running a test which would see the 'Share' button removed from News Feed posts, replaced with a 'Message' button instead.

We're sure everyone will have their own opinions on this and really it could go one of two ways. If you already have a good existing following you may find an increase in the amount of enquiries / messages you receive should Facebook roll out this change more broadly. On the other hand, the new format would likely see a reduction in public post sharing, further shrinking already low organic reach.

You've probably noticed that if a friend / multiple friends like a post of a page, even if you're not following that page yourself it may still appear in your timeline as "(friends name) liked this" - helping to increase organic reach. This shouldn't change.

Various reports have shown that private messaging to pages is on the rise and changes just like this one could encourage that even further.

Overall we feel this may not be the best news for those trying to grow their business pages. With organic growth already notoriously difficult to achieve promoting users to share your posts can be a great way to generate more awareness of your content but of course, this is going to be challenged should this change be rolled out.

Its our opinion that this trial isn't likely to be a huge success and will probably end up being left in the bin as a no go longer term.

There is little information to go on at this point and we will just have to wait and see what Facebook decide moving forward. Feel free to follow our Facebook page to keep up to date with the all latest news and updates!