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Digital Marketing: PPC, SEO and Social Media explained!

Means "pay per click" and is an advertising model where companies pay up to an agreed amount every time their ad is clicked and not every time it appears or is viewed by the user.Advertisers select keywords or phrases that will activate their ads when someone searches for them on a search engine like Google.

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Some businesses just won't perform well organically. Here's why!

Firstly, I don't want this post to become misconstrued in any way and I hope you'll read through until the end to get a full understanding of what I'm trying to get across. Every single business and their website is different and they will always perform at different levels organically. I'm going to break down this post as much as possible to make it understandable to everyone interested.

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PPC, SEO and Social Media - Which is best for me?

The primary feature of a PPC service would be to generate leads or sales for the client, however, PPC could also be used to achieve results in other areas such as branding. Usually if a client is looking for branding/brand awareness I would suggest they take our a social media package as this is more tailored to increasing brand awareness, not sales. The final service that I offer is an SEO package. This is more of a long term plan and can benefit with both sales/leads and brand awareness. Ultimately, all of these services aim to give a strong ROI for my customers.

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