How quickly should I see results from my PPC Campaign?

If I had £1 for every time I was asked this question I would be a very very rich freelancer! This is not a question that requires a straightforward answer and as with any advertising there is no guarantee of ROI when advertising through Google Ads. Marketing is not a solution to a poor product or bad business. However, when done the right way, I am a firm believer that AdWords can and will work for everyone.

Now, onto the real question here. How quickly will you see results? Honestly, no one can give you a firm 100% accurate answer. Most agencies will tell you Google Ads takes time to see results and they're correct, but your Ads campaign should not take more than a couple of months to start seeing some return. Anything longer than this and (generally) the agency is not doing their job properly or your business/product just isn't going to work with Google Ads. You can view my YouTube channel for help on how to check what work is being carried out on your AdWords account if you suspect your account is potentially being neglected.

Different businesses, products and industries will ALWAYS see different ROI's from Google Ads. The loans industry for example is very expensive when it comes to Google Ads and you would be looking to pay anything for £20-40 per click! On the other hand, I started working with a client in December 2017 who had never ran an AdWords campaign before and for just £38 of investment they have seen over £2800 worth of sales (as of 13/02/2018).

There are so many variables when it comes to answering this big question. Is your product or service expensive? Expect less sales/leads as quickly. Is your product or service high in competition? Expect less sales/leads as quickly. Is your product or service very niche? Expect sales/leads quickly. We also need to take into account your website and the budget you're looking to spend on your AdWords account.

So what's the conclusion? There isn't one. But I would say that AdWords should take no more than 2 months to pick up. If you would like to get a better idea of how AdWords would work for your business, please get in contact with me.