AdWords account hit a plateau? Here's what to do.

Sometimes AdWords accounts can just hit a plateau and that's perfectly normal. Assuming you're not innovating with different products/services or offers the rate of gains tend to diminish over time as an ad account matures and ages (if you don't increase budget or expand the account to advertise in new locations etc). It may be that you have done your job and you have reached that optimum CPA and you can not get it much is any better. It happens.

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Here are some ideas for things you can do to experiment with your account and make sure you're getting everything you can from your budget:

1. Bidding on competitor terms like "example company reviews" "example company cancellation", "example company alternatives". Set aside a new but small budget to experiment with this. Often bidding on competitors is unsuccessful due to the low quality scores that are usually given to such keywords. But you can still give it a try as it does sometimes prove a roaring success.

2. Take a risk and try adding in some super broad terms. Negatives will be the key to generating a good ROI with these but they may well open you up to new areas you hadn't previously thought of. Run these terms for x amount of weeks before reviewing the search terms. You should now be able to see some new terms in your search terms report and build these into your account.

3. Pay attention to location targeting and experimenting with demographic bid adjustments. You should try expanding into new locations (if possible for your business) and play with some bid adjustments. Some locations will have more competition and therefore be more expensive than others so it's worth having a play around to see if you can reduce costs in certain areas or perhaps you can increase bids therefore increasing position and in turn increasing CTR and conversions.

If you would like a free review of your AdWords account you can request an AdWords audit!