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Everything you need to know about PPC advertising!

The simplest way to explain what PPC is is through an example: if your company wants to advertise on the internet, you create a campaign in some online media or web platform using the PPC modality, so that each time a user clicks on your ad, you are discounted a predetermined amount of money; the price paid for each user that enters your website through this ad is called cost per click.

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Why you can't see your own Google Ads

Did you know that if you continually search for your ad but don’t ever click on it, Google will deem this ad less relevant to you and may stop showing you your ads?

If you continuously search for your own ads and do not click on them, Google may stop showing them to you, as you have indicated that the ad isn’t relevant to you. So, while you might assume that your ad isn’t running, in reality it might just not be running for you.

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Q&A - "I am starting a security consultancy business. How do I start marketing?"

What you have there is a great business idea that won’t necessarily be easy to advertise. Usually, when it comes to advertising, you have just a few words to put across what you want to say but from what you’ve written above its clear you’re going to need more. I’ll outline below the areas of advertising I have knowledge of and how they probably will or probably won’t help you.

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PPC, SEO and Social Media - Which is best for me?

The primary feature of a PPC service would be to generate leads or sales for the client, however, PPC could also be used to achieve results in other areas such as branding. Usually if a client is looking for branding/brand awareness I would suggest they take our a social media package as this is more tailored to increasing brand awareness, not sales. The final service that I offer is an SEO package. This is more of a long term plan and can benefit with both sales/leads and brand awareness. Ultimately, all of these services aim to give a strong ROI for my customers.

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AdWords account hit a plateau? Here's what to do.

Sometimes AdWords accounts can just hit a plateau and that's perfectly normal. Assuming you're not innovating with different products/services or offers the rate of gains tend to diminish over time as an ad account matures and ages (if you don't increase budget or expand the account to advertise in new locations etc). It may be that you have done your job and you have reached that optimum CPA and you can not get it much is any better. It happens. Here are some top tips and tricks you can try if you’re campaign has hit a plateau!

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